The aftermath of a hit-and-run accident is not just about the physical damage. There could be medical bills, potentially lost wages if you’re unable to work, and even psychological trauma.

While it’s never something we hope to experience, it’s important to be prepared and know what steps to take in the unfortunate event of a hit-and-run accident.

The most crucial thing is to ensure your safety and seek medical attention immediately if needed. Next, seek legal counsel to protect your rights and interests and file a police report.

In the event of a hit-and-run accident, where the responsible party leaves the scene without providing their contact information, hiring an attorney can be crucial. A lawyer can help you understand the legal procedures involved in hit-and-run cases, ensuring you follow the appropriate steps and meet any deadlines, conduct investigations, or work with investigators to gather evidence related to the accident. This could include surveillance footage, witness interviews, or working with law enforcement.

Dealing with insurance after a hit-and-run accident.

Dealing with insurance companies can be complex, especially in hit-and-run cases. An attorney can assist in communicating with your insurance company, ensuring you receive fair compensation for damages and injuries, and, in some cases, help identify the hit-and-run driver, especially if there are witnesses or other evidence that can be used to track them down.

We recommend reporting a hit-and-run incident to the police immediately. The police report is crucial for documenting the incident and provides essential details for insurance claims. Your attorney will notify your insurance company, and work with the claims department to provide them with the necessary information, including the police report. We also help clients determine whether they have uninsured motorist coverage as part of their insurance policy. This coverage is designed to protect policyholders in the event of accidents involving uninsured or hit-and-run drivers.

In most cases, attorneys work with their clients to gather as much evidence as possible to support the claim. This may include photographs of the scene, witness statements, and any available surveillance footage. We work with law enforcement agencies to help in the investigation of the hit-and-run by collaborating with investigators and negotiating with insurance companies to ensure our clients receive fair compensation for the damages and injuries sustained in the hit-and-run accident.

If negotiations with the insurance company are unsuccessful, we may advise clients to file a lawsuit against the unidentified driver (if found) or pursue a claim under their uninsured motorist coverage. If a lawsuit is filed, your attorney will guide you through the litigation process. This involves discovery, settlement negotiations, and potentially going to trial if a fair settlement cannot be reached.

It’s important to note that the specific steps taken may vary depending on the circumstances of each case. Consulting with a lawyer is crucial for understanding one’s rights and options. We help you determine what types of compensation you may be entitled to, including medical expenses, property damage, pain, and suffering.

Remember, it’s important to consult with a qualified attorney to discuss the details of your situation as soon as possible. There are time limits, known as statutes of limitations, within which legal actions must be initiated. Time is of the essence.

The legal aftermath of a hit-and-run accident can be complex and confusing, but the Law Offices of Michael Clark are here to help! Car accidents can be a stark reminder of how unpredictable life can be. One moment, you’re making plans for a festive celebration, and the next, you’re sitting on the side of the road grateful to be alive. With 26 years of experience in handling car accident cases in Tacoma, our legal experts are well-versed in Washington State’s complex laws and are here to provide you with personalized legal counsel.

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