Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents should alarm you. If you have been involved in one, then please contact top lawyers from the Offices of Michael Clark Law in Tacoma, WA.


Motorcycle Accidents Statistics 

It is not well known that motorcycle accidents numbers can be triple that of automobile figures in some places. Of the entire state of Washington, only 3% of road users own motorcycles. But, the Washington Traffic Safety Commission shows staggering numbers. Motorcycles equal 15% of all traffic fatalities in Washington.

Another set of data has revealed that there were a total of 2,138 motorcycles accidents that occurred in the state of Washington in 2018. The injuries you may suffer from a motorcycle accident can be much more dangerous than an auto accident. This is because you do not have any other protection other than your helmet.

A motorcyclist with a person riding on the back in a city wearing helmets.

It can be costly, nerve-wracking, and traumatizing. That is why here at the Law Offices of Michael Clark, we tell motorcycle riders to keep their eyes on the road because they are much more prone to accidents.

Recent Motorcycle Accidents Near Me

Navbug’s latest list of motorcycle accidents in Washington State reveals ten total accidents for half of May 2021 alone. This data is very alarming and should serve as evidence that there is no room for being too confident while on the road on a motorcycle.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Here are some common causes of motorcycle accidents. 

  • Cars making left-hand turns
  • Motorcycle head-on collisions
  • Motorcycle lane splitting or driving between lanes
  • Motorcyclist speeding & alcohol use
  • Collisions between motorcycles and fixed objects
  • Road hazards such as slippery pavement, irregular roads, potholes, and objects 
  • High performance or sport motorcyclists have four times higher mortality rate [1]

You and your family can take note of these when traveling the road. Please take these precautions very seriously.

If you or anyone you know gets in a serious motorcycle accident, we at the Law Offices of Michael Clark will welcome them with open arms.

You have the right to press charges against individuals or parties involved in the accident. This can compensate you for damages done. We will guide you step by step to seek the legal goal you desire. 

The Law Offices of Michael Clark Law is proud to serve Pierce County and all Western Washington. We have pioneered a professional and understanding approach to our clients. Building a meaningful relationship will help lead us to win your case.

We cover a wide array of personal injury cases that are not only related to motorcycle accidents. If you and your family need professional and legal attention, The Law Offices of Michael Clark Law in the City of Tacoma is here to help.


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[1] Kathleen Michon, A. (2011, October 10). Motorcycle Accidents: Common Causes.





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