Will Hiring an Attorney for My Car Accident Slow Down My Settlement?

The pace at which car accident claims move depends on many things, such as where and how the accident occurred, legal issues (such as a drunk driver), and the complexities of your injuries. Insurance adjusters may try to rush an injured person into a quick settlement before the injured person either hires an attorney or discovers how serious his or her injuries are. While hiring an attorney for your car accident may slow down the period before you receive your settlement, having an attorney representing you will ensure you get the settlement you deserve!

In some cases, an attorney can help speed things along when it comes to the negotiation process with the insurance companies and medical providers. Personal injury attorneys are experts in negotiating and know what your claim is worth, and if they see that negotiations are not in line with what you deserve, they will be able to quickly identify this and move on to litigation.

Here is a general idea as to how long a case can take, however, much of this depends on the complexity of the situation and your injuries.

Seeking Medical Treatment (1-12 months)

Seeking proper medical treatment for injuries following your motor vehicle accident is vitally important. Failure to do so can delay your recovery, your personal injury claim, and your settlement. Be sure to follow all treatments until you reach a full recovery or maximum medical improvement.

Having your case reviewed by an attorney (2-6 months)

Once you recover from your injuries or reach maximum medical improvement, your attorney will begin to collect evidence needed to support your damages, review all medical records and bills, witness statements, property damage estimates, any lost wages, or out-of-pocket expenses you may have.

Sending a demand letter (4- 6 weeks)

Once you have completed treatment, and your damages have been assessed, your attorney will negotiate your car accident claim prior to filing a car crash lawsuit and sending a demand letter.

Move to discovery (6-12 months)

Discovery is when all parties exchange information, assess damages, and establish defenses. Your attorney will take you through each of these steps to make sure the information is complete and accurately portrays your case in the best way possible.

Mediate and negotiate (2-4 weeks)

Once discovery is complete, your attorney may recommend an alternative dispute resolution mechanism such as arbitration or mediation. This is a chance for both sides to listen to the strengths and weaknesses of their case and negotiate fairly.

Go to trial and settle (1-3 days)

Going to court is rare, but if you cannot settle your case you will proceed to trial. Reaching a settlement is the only way to resolve your case. Once you choose to settle and sign and return the release agreement, you will usually obtain your settlement check within 30 days.

Hiring an attorney for your car accident will ensure you get the settlement you deserve, regardless of how long it takes.

In conclusion, if you want to speed up legal action and get the maximum settlement you deserve, having an experienced legal counsel on your side is imperative. Hiring the Law Offices of Michael Clark will help you meet deadlines for required documents, avoid filing mistakes that delay claims, negotiate with insurance companies, build witness statements, and speak on your behalf with authority and professionalism.

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