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Are You Looking For A Car Accident Lawyer in the Puget Sound?

With 26 years of experience in handling car accident cases in Tacoma, our legal experts are well-versed in Washington State’s complex laws. Whether you’ve been injured by a negligent driver, a drunk driver, or due to any other circumstances, our Tacoma car accident lawyers are here to provide you with personalized legal counsel.

Navigating insurance claims can often be tricky and confusing.

It is designed this way to minimize the payout of the at-fault insurance agency. The Law Offices of Michael Clark have compiled some free tips in our blog section to help you if you have recently been in a vehicle accident. Please explore these tips, and reach out to us for a no-cost consultation call that could save you from losing out on your deserved compensation. 

Over 26 Years of Experience as Your Tacoma Area Personal Injury ATTORNEY

The Law Offices of Michael Clark has one mission: to zealously protect the rights of our clients. In fact, we have over 26 years of experience in doing just that. Our philosophy is to offer personal service with our client’s specific needs and goals in mind. We have successfully handled cases throughout the Tacoma, the Pierce County Area, and the rest of Western Washington and we have tried cases to juries throughout Western Washington.

Proudly serving Tacoma and all of Western Washington.

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To advise, protect, and defend injury victims by leveraging people and technology to provide unmatched client care.


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We offer a free consultation and case evaluation. If we don’t win your case, you don’t pay any attorneys’ fees.

Michael Clark has been representing people in a broad range of matters since 1993. We focus on Personal Injury cases. Have you been hurt in a car, motorcycle or truck accident? Do you have a wrongful death claim? Or even a bicycle or dog bite incident? Michael Clark has the experience and knowledge to help you.

At the Law Offices of Michael Clark, we have a diverse clientele representing people from all walks of life. We also have significant experience in representing people in a broad range of injury cases and the ability to consult and work with recognized experts and specialists to get our clients the best possible settlement for their claim. If you are a member of the Military or a dependent we also have a vast experience in serving your unique needs.


Successful Dog Bite Settlement

Our client was bitten on the hand by a dog and it resulted in an infection requiring surgery. The dog owner’s insurance company was trying to play games about whether they were going to cover our client’s damages. Client had minor joint damage because of the infection. We filed suit against the dog owner and were able to achieve a fair settlement after mediation.


Our client was riding a motorcycle when another driver cut him off causing him to strike the car and fly off of the bike. He suffered scratches, scrapes, and a contusion to his groin area. The other driver lived out of state. We thoroughly investigated the accident and prepared a lawsuit against the other driver. We were able to settle his case without the need to file a lawsuit.


Double Policy Limits in Disputed Liability Case

Our client was hit in his car while stopped at a stop light. Unfortunately, he was knocked unconscious and unable to give his side of the story to the police at the accident scene. The other driver lied and told the police that our client had caused the accident. As a result, the other driver’s insurance company denied liability and refused to compensate our client. We filed a lawsuit against the other driver. After consulting an accident reconstructionist and taking the other driver’s deposition, the other driver’s insurance agreed to pay our client policy limits for his claim. Even then, our client was not fully compensated for his loss and we were also able to obtain policy limits from his uninsured motorist policy.



Michael Clark and his wonderfully staff are a 12 out of a 10. He is up there with Batman.
I had a great experience with Michael and his team. Michael explained everything thoroughly for me and set great expectations so I would be aware of what was happening. Kendall was also great as she was very responsive and answered my questions while also setting me up for success with documents and updated timelines. Overall, my experience left me feeling valued, cared for, and compensated.
They are quick, kind, and have excellent communication, also very friendly. Thank you for everything y'all did for my family and me we really appreciate it.

“He is amazing”

I think he is amazing!! Helped me out when I was in need of a lawyer. I got great response, and he was on top of it like white on rice! Always returning calls and letting me know what was going on. I would recommend him to anyone in need. He’s amazing and I can’t thank him enough!
Latisha Welker

“Honest, effective and compassionate.”

Honest, effective and compassionate are just a few words I can give to describe Mr Clark. With his candid personality I was always at easy of a stressful process.
Candace Thompson

“Awesome integrity.”

Michael Clark has awesome integrity. Thanks for your knowledge.
Bobby Lozier

“Highly recommended.”

Mike did a fantastic job of professionally and effectively handling my issue. I highly recommend him to anybody looking for a quality individual to assist with a legal issue.
John Diambri

“A wealth of knowledge.”

Hi Michael, Thank you for being a wealth of knowledge and experience on PI law. I appreciate your willingness to answer my questions.
Joel Hanson

“Genuinely cares about his clients.”

Mike Clark genuinely cares about his clients, and most importantly, cares deeply that justice prevails. His honest, straightforward approach is refreshing, especially in the personal injury realm where all attorneys are certainly not created equally.
Mike Skiff

“Great experience with Clark”

I had a very great experience with Clark. Clark was fantastic. He helped me through my whole case and gave me all of the information I needed, and he made sure I understood everything I was up against.
Carly Benton

“Very knowledgeable.”

Michael Clark is very knowledgeable in his industry. He is also very dedicated to excellent client service. I would highly recommend him to family and friends who are in need of legal services.
Nicole Fisher

“Wholeheartedly recommended.”

Michael Clark is extremely compassionate and a real Giver of his time and talents. Has been so good to me and my daughter as well as my friends where are personal injury cases. I wholeheartedly recommend him to all of my friends.
Marc Perez

“Exceeded my expectations.”

I was at a difficult time in my life and what seemed as an almost impossible case originally, he was able to get the facts and truth out when my first attorney's weren't giving me any choices or real support.. Michael Clark performed well and exceeded my expectations. He was very knowledgeable and his experience was apparent from start to finish.

“Great service and dependability”

Michael Clark is an experienced attorney that knows the court system well, and will get the best results for your case. Would highly recommend him and his team if you want great service and dependability. Best in the business as far as I am concerned, very happy.

“Willing to fight for what is right and true.”

Loved dealing with Mike. Highly professional, willing to fight for what is right and true, and they are willing to dig deep and ask all the fact finding questions to find the truth too bring it to light.

“Quick to respond & attentive.”

It has been a positive experience working with Michael Clark. Michael was so wonderful to work with ... very quick to respond & attentive. It was nice to work with him & he did a fantastic job for me. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

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